Stranger than Fiction

This trip to Gunsite was to preview and range test Mossberg’s latest FLEX Shotguns and their new MMR – AR 15. Mossberg also brought along a few of their new HS12 over and under shotguns. Strangely, they were the real surprise of the event with most of the writers and Gunsite instructors in attendance are ordering one.

Mossberg’s HS12 on the Gunsite Scrambler.


It works, its compact, its lightweight and its fun! What a great multi-purpose shotgun for use for just about everything. Pepper poppers out to 15 yards – no problem with bird shot or buck. Pepper poppers at 100 yards with slugs – no problem.

Why would I shoot pepper poppers with this shotgun at 100 yards.? Because I could. I even ran the notorious Scrambler at Gunsite with the HS12. And, I’m proud to say – not that anyone cares – I now hold the Scrambler record with an over and under shotgun.

Mossberg’s HS12 for home defense.

If you have any interest in a multi-purpose over and under shotgun, particularly for home defense, check out the HS12. You cannot find it on Mossberg’s web site because it is so new but in brief it is 36.5 inches long, with 18.5 inch barrels, 3 inch chambers and weighs 6.25 pounds.

Throw on an EOTech MRDS red dot sight and you’re ready to have fun or fight.  See what Sheriff Jim Wilson has to say about the HS12 HERE

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