NEW Deer Load for the 223

Though some mistakenly believe the .223 Remington is not suitable for hunting deer, and even though some also believe it is not legal for deer hunting in most states, Winchester gets it. They know that more than 80% of the states permit the .223 Remington for deer and they also know that a well constructed .22 caliber bullet will cleanly take a whitetail.

For 2012 they have a new .223 Remington load in their Power Max Bonded line of ammunition. This 64 grain bonded bullet is advertised at 3020 fps. I’ll be anxious to give it a try this year and see if it works as well as Federal’s Fusion or Partition load.

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  1. Jim Dodd

    .22s are not legal in California for deer, rimfire or centerfire. The regulation comes from the time back in the day when poachers used .22 RF rifles to bag deer, usually with the help of the “electric dog” (that would be a light for you youngsters). Probably time for some group to sponsor a reg change at the California Fish & Game Commission.

    jim dodd

  2. Brian Smith

    How about a 60 grain Partition @ 3100 fps? I’m not sold on the .223 as a deer rifle for the masses. But if it was all I had, then I’d make darn sure could hit a tennis ball at the yardage I expected to be hunting. We regularly shoot eggs at 200 yards, off of a bench. Hitting that egg in a spot of brown fur is entirely different.

    • gunwriter

      That’s a great load.

  3. Tyler Staggs

    I personally think this is a great move by the ammo companies, especially with the still growing popularity of AR-type rifles. I’ve taken one big game animal with a 223, a doe pronghorn, and at 175yards the 55gr Remington PSP gave full penetration leaving a quarter sized exit. She went less than 20 yards before tipping over. If legal in my home state, Indiana, my boys would be starting with a 223.