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The Empty Cases’ Guide to Being a Real, Gun Using, Outdoor Kind of Man

Own a truck. Always have a knife. Carry a knife. Always. The only time you should not have a knife is when you are naked, in a bed or when you’re swim

Cats in the Cradle

There is only a brief moment in time when you will have plenty of time to spend with your son and he will have plenty to spend with you. That time wit


Is the .308 the Perfect North American Big Game Cartridge?

Yes it is. In fact, it is the perfect – all over the world – big game cartridge. Go ahead and start throwing rocks but before you do read THIS over at Petersen’s Hunting and maybe even THIS here on Empty Cases. It is easy to sit around the campfire pontificating, with a whiskey on
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35 Caliber Rifle Cartridges – Where did they go?

Interestingly, there was not that many to start with. First there was the .35 Remington introduced in 1906 for the Remington Model 8 Autoloader. The Model 8 became extinct but the .35 Remington found a home in Marlin’s model 336. Yes, it still lives there but is sadly overlooked. I’ve killed a lot o
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Deer Rifle Needs a Name

Today my gunsmith, Jerry Dove from Dove’s Custom Guns, dropped by the house with a rifle he has just finished working on. It is a pre-safety Marlin 336 in .35 Remington with a short barrel, XS Lever Rail and sights. It also has new Marlin wood and a sexy chocolate Cerakote finish. We shot a fe
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Empty Cases welcomes Ballistol as our newest sponsor

There are literally hundreds of lubricants, cleaners and preservatives you can use on guns, tools and machinery. Few if any have the history of Ballistol, which was developed at the turn of the century by two chemists for the German Imperial Army. They wanted a multipurpose oil for cleaning and main
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The Nine if Fine – That’s what I’ve been saying!

The apparent move of law enforcement back to the 9mm will not stop the defensive handgun cartridge debate. In fact, I’m confident in saying that nothing will. Though I have no way of validating the authenticity of the report cited  at the LooseRounds blog, it makes perfect sense to me, I wonde
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Lever Guns, Riflescopes and Cowboys

Ashley Emerson, the man who conceived XS Big Dot sights and the XS aperture iron sight system for rifles once told me, “You’ll go to hell if you put a scope on a lever gun.” That’s a bold statement and while I don’t agree with it, it is not without merit. The lever action rifle or more precisely the
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